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Ebanie Bridges Interview; ‘Hater’ Darren Till needs to get his d*ck wet instead of trolling on social media; Ebanie reveals why she has supported Jake Paul from day one

Owen Fulda
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In an exclusive interview with noKYC, boxing and Only Fans star Ebanie Bridges reignited her x-rated war of words with ex-UFC star Darren Till and explained the basis for her admiration of Jake Paul…

‘Hater’ Darren Till needs to get his d*ck wet instead of trolling on social media

Former UFC star Darren Till recently made unsavoury comments on one of Ebanie’s social media posts, leading to a verbal squabble between the pair. The Blonde Bomber refused to let the disrespect lie and doubled down with some more spicy words for her adversary;

Ebanie Bridges: “It’s like he [Darren Till] hates women or something. Maybe he needs to get his d*ck wet. I don’t know. Maybe he’s not getting any action. Maybe he’s sitting there having a hard w**k over these tweets that he’s making. Maybe he’s trying to slide in my DMs and get a bit of attention from me, or maybe he’s actually trying to promote me. Because that’s exactly what that would have done and had people wondering, who’s this? So I don’t even know, is he even that big? I don’t really know. Do I have more followers than him? Probably. So he’s probably just trying to get some clout.”

Ebanie reveals why she has supported Jake Paul from day one

Jake Paul has proven a divisive figure since leaving his YouTube career for one in the boxing ring. Ebanie has faced similar struggles to be accepted in boxing and says she can relate to the way Jake Paul has been treated by people with more traditional views of the sport;

Ebanie Bridges: “That’s why I’ve always been supportive of Jake Paul from day one. I’ve talked to Jake Paul a few times, and I’ve always been supportive of him because I know what it feels like [to not be accepted]. He has so much passion for the sport and look how much he helps, but people are still like, whatever, and I get it, he’s not freaking world class, but he’s wanting to improve himself every day. He loves the sport. He’s passionate. Let him do his journey. And if he can make money from it, great. But guess what? He’s not only doing it for him, he’s bringing up women’s boxing as well. He does a lot of good for the sport.“

Matchroom and Queensberry working together is beautiful for boxing

Eddie Hearn and Frank Warren have long been adversaries but since His Excellency Turki Alalshikh reinvigorated boxing, the pair of promoters have been pressured into improving their relationship. Now a Matchroom vs Queensberry 5 vs 5 card is set to take place on June 1st and Ebanie thinks it’s good news all around;

Ebanie Bridges: “I think it’s a good thing. I don’t think that it’s weird. I mean the whole holding hand thing is really, really cute. I love it. But it’s all part of that culture, isn’t it? But no, it’s great. It’s a good thing for boxing. It’s beautiful for boxing. That’s all we gotta be. We just have to realise that whatever is good for boxing we need to get behind. So it’s great.”

Owen Fulda
Owen Fulda

Owen Fulda is NoKYC's resident interviewer. He sits down with legendary talent from across the sporting world to uncover the opinions that matter. Previously, Owen worked for a decade at News Associates, working across worldwide news brands including the Daily Star and the Express. Owen's sport of choice is Football & Boxing where he has interviewed talents such as Ricky Hatton & Ray Parlour.